Floating Fabrics

Jacquard patterns, textures and weaving. This project has been supported by Sfate et Combier for the 33rd International Hyères Fashion Festival in 2018. Read more

The historic French company Sfate et Combier, based in Lyon, is very well known for high standard silk weaving that you can find in luxurious ready-to-wear brands. 


We have designed two Jacquard fabrics through the “lancé-découpé ” process in which threads are temporary left aside during the weaving step, then “shaved” to give a lighter effect to the fabric.


The mass of thread are usually “shaved”, however, by choosing to keep them “floating”, the first fabric presents a “vibrant” upside down which conveys an obvious reversibility feeling. For the second fabric the long floating green Lurex threads are kept inside the double lining fabric, producing a reflection effect which echoes to the net patterns diffracted by the water. In order to bring textured patterns, giving white rope and oranges a relief effect, we played with an endless variety of colourful and textured threads. 


This partnership has allowed us to conduct a fascinating study around the ornamental impact of a specific weaving technic.

La Falaise
Floating Fabrics - La Falaise